When a bad drummer and a bad poet meet

When a bad drummer and a bad poet meet by Denise Palmieri & Ana Threat

in the frame of Der blöde dritte Mittwoch #87 (2019)

Two artists, a drummer and a poet, converge to create a show where they can freely explore and express their desired expression. Their collaboration blends the rhythms of a drum machine, the cadence of poetry, and the raw energy of live drums.

Stepping onto the stage with an acknowledgment of their imperfections, they turn vulnerability into strength, inviting both fellow artists and audience members to join them in this journey. It’s an embrace of imperfection as a form of empowerment—a rejection of the relentless pursuit of perfection dictated by the neoliberal ethos.

Together, they offer an experience that is both humbling and exhilarating, inviting everyone to confront the paradox of feeling immense and insignificant simultaneously. Through their shared expression, they challenge the notion that we must constantly strive for flawlessness, instead celebrating the beauty found within our flaws.

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