Las Templas

Las Templas by Ivy Monteiro (2021)

In their dance piece Las Templas, Ivy Monteiro combines dance, sound and projection to evoke a utopian space which gives the opportunity for expression to those who are often denied this right.

Ivy dedicates their artistic practice to continuously reinventing and imagining sex and genders. Raised in São Paulo, the Zurich-based choreographer and performer draws on gestures, rituals and sounds from club culture and combines them with queer spirituality, influences of the Brazilian tropicália movement and Afro-futuristic aesthetics. As the alter ego Tropikahl Poderosa, Monteiro organizes events for trans and non-binary people. Since 2017, they have also been affiliated to the global vogue and ballroom scene and organize workshops and events around this culture.

Las Templas is Monteiro’s creation. It advocates multiple contemporaneity: a pop-cultural present, an imagined past and a desired future.

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