By Ivy Monteiro, Denise Palmieri, Naya de Souza, Mavi Veloso (2019)

“GORGONXS” is a performance produced and performed by four Brazilian Immigrant trans / gender non conforming multimedia artists, aiming to break out the glass walls of societal normative gaze. A powerful and transformative performance piece that each of the four artists endeavor to shatter the confining constraints of societal norms and expectations.

Through their artistry, they confront the barriers imposed by the normative gaze, liberating themselves from its constraints, each performing just as they please, even better, for their own pleasure. As they brake this symbolic wall of conformity through coming out of the cage/window, they boldly unveil their chaotic and authentic existence to the world.

In this raw and unapologetic revelation, they invite the audience to engage with their essence fully. Through sight, touch, and assimilation, spectators are offered the opportunity to intimately connect with the essence of the performers. In their unapologetic display, the artists emerge as the Four Divine Apocalipstick Monstrous Latinx Creatures, a testament to their resilience and defiance against societal conventions.

Through this performance, they demand recognition and, perhaps, even respect for their existence, challenging the audience to confront their preconceived notions and embrace their existence as the Four Divine Apocalipstick Monstrous Latinx Creatures that they unapologetically are.

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