Cut into the Chase

Cut into the Chase by Denise Palmieri (2018)

Embracing openness and vulnerability, the concept of “Cut into the chase” symbolizes a ritual of detachment and fearless determination in welcoming a new phase of growth and improvement.

The artist leaves her cast protection steps into the stairs, holding a chainsaw. She fearlessly approaches the plaster sculptures, using the chainsaw as her tool of expression. Each cut opens the sculptures without hesitation, demonstrating a sense of purpose and determination.

As the sawdust flies and the sculptures get cut, the performance flows as a representation that all things are subject to change, improvement and hopefully enhancement depending on the spectator’s point of view. 

Previously, the sculptures served as shields, but now, embracing vulnerability equips the artist with newfound resilience. Each action represents a fresh beginning; it’s about shedding burdens and embracing self-empowerment without reservation. It’s a journey of progress, slicing through obstacles to confront challenges head-on and take decisive action.

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