Amadora Llama

Amadora LLama by Veza Fernandez (2019)

amadora llama is this divine prison of love.

Amadora Llama (or the loving flame is also the lover that calls) connects its dancers, an ecstatic congregation of nuns, with the mysteries of passion and yearning and their emancipatory potential. Calling out through polyphonic dances and texts for the ecstatic mystic experience and erotic femini*ne power.

The nuns connect not only with each other, but also with everything we cannot see, but can deeply sense. We wake up from our blind lethargy and trust what the unknown, the emotional, the mysterious; the intuitive, symbolic chaos has to tell us. Perhaps then, we can stop praising humans as divine, superior and intellectual entities, and feel what happens when we praise and love everything as equally holy no matter if stone, plant, fire or feeling.

Moved and inspired by the poems of the Spanish mystic saint, nun, reformist and writer Santa Teresa the Ávila “Amadora Llama” embarks on an urgent queer-feminist revisiting of the embodiment of faith and sensuality in the current era.

amadora llama is a coproduction of tears and drama with Tanzquartier Vienna.

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